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Hanwha Corp, based out of South Korea said in a press release today stating that it would be supplying formation equipment to the Tesla Gigafactories in Fremont, California, and at later stages in the Gigafactories located in Germany and China as well.

We’ve talked in detail about the Formation process in the Battery Masterclass course and the Battery Safety course and its importance in the manufacturing process of a Lithium-ion cell. The currents that a cell is put through during its first charge and discharge cycle as well as the temperature, humidity and other conditions need to be controlled and calibrated with high accuracy.

The ill effects of improper formation of a cell can surface in the aging process of manufacturing, but sometimes go unnoticed until much later in the cell’s life cycle. Improper formation can lead to capacity loss in a cell, improper SEI formation which can even cause internal shorts at a later stage.

Formation equipment is a key part of the manufacturing process of a Lithium-ion cell and here is a short video of the manufacturing phases of a cell as explained by Hanwha Corp.

Hanwha Corp – Manufacturing process of a Lithium-ion cell

To learn more on the formation process of the cell and its effects on the full life cycle here are two relevant courses –

1. Battery Masterclass
2. Battery Safety and Performance course

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