How to define a green mobility roadmap for India for two wheelers

At present we need to quickly reach the point of inflexion from where on the E-mobility will take off by itself. The products and technologies that are already on the ground need to be promoted in a big way so that the critical mass of say 2 to 3 million EVs is achieved. That volume will by itself solve many issues. That will trigger make in India, spread enough awareness and get the large players interested into EV business.  Following are few steps recommended for E-2 wheelers

  • Do not disrupt the present adoption pattern of low speed two wheelers. As per our estimate around 40% of the sales of these 2Ws are referrals or repeat which surely are signs of a customer satisfied with the product and for the money that he paid.
  • Announce a sunset clause of 2 million/3 years for the lead batteries E2Ws. In Parallel announce incentives and measures to shift the buyer from a low speed lead to a low speed/ mid speed (~45km/hr like city speed) lithium battery E2W.
  • Provide catalysts like preferential financing, E-commerce mandated conversion, promoting E-taxis etc for accelerated growth.
  • Continually streamline the CMVR certification process and RO registration system to constantly improve the products already being sold.
  • Do not burn too much money in incentivizing a E2W performing similar to the petrol Scooter. The purchase price (despite big subsidy) as well as the running cost of such a product will be much more than a mid speed E2W and may even be as much as a petrol 2W causing a huge setback in mass conversion to E- Mobility.

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