Which Ministry is responsible or authorised to pronounce EV policies or plans.

While states are free to announce their initiatives on EV, it is not very clear as to who is responsible for EV policies and  its implementation. Few years back MNRE (Ministry of New and Renewable Energy) headed at that time by the hon. Minister Dr. Farrukh Abdullah had announced a subsidy scheme that was not backed by funds from the Finance Ministry and therefore was short-lived as it quickly ran out of funds.

The policy came under the ambit of DHI (Deptt of Heavy Industries) that also makes the Indian Automotive Policy (AMP) and after 2 years of extensive deliberations with the stakeholders DHI created a document NEMMP (National Electric Mobility Mission Plan) for 6 years. Later FAME 1 was culled out of NEMMP as a 2 years experimental plan to implement the NEMMP ideas on pilot project basis and with limited budgets.

FAME 1 was to be over by March 2017, however has been extended till March 2018. Meanwhile there are talks of handing over the policy formulation to Niti Aayog (erstwhile planning commission) to formulate and coordinate the implementation of FAME2. Perhaps it will take another month to know which ministry will be at the apex and what all ministries will be responsible for FAME2.

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