Electric Vehicle Products

The MakerMax team designs and manufactures high quality Electric Vehicle products to assist the industry in achieving high performing and reliable end products. These include Cell analysers, Battery pack analysers, impedance estimators, battery life predictors. The team also designed a unique set of educational boards for industry professionals and students to learn about the concepts of the EV powertrain through hands-on learning.

MakerMax CCAX4-V2 Cell Analyser

Want to know everything about your batteries? From simple things like cell level efficiency to more complex one like the end of life behaviour and life cycle prediction. MakerMax brings you a compact yet precision Cell Analyser that can dig deep into the cells and predict their behaviour under various simulated usage, and environmental conditions. The unique modular and flexible design of the CCAX4 analyser allows you to simulate any drive cycle, charging variations, discharge patterns or abnormal usage to capture useful data streams on the device or the cloud. CCXA4 gives you a very precise ability to select the right batteries, pay the appropriate price and confidently decide warranties and give assurance of safety and quality.
CCXA4 is a very useful tool for cell manufacturers, battery pack makers, RnD labs and OEMs. The unit can be tuned to do some quick tests to inspect incoming supplies as well as run a full life cycle test spanning over many weeks. You can also create extensive historical data with CCXA4 to benchmark and compare any cell format, chemistry or configuration. CCXA4 can be quickly adapted to do extensive checks on the batteries used in stationary power storage, solar, wind, aerospace, telecom and consumer electronics or for the cell manufacturers.

MakerMax Hardware Boards

Electric Vehicle Products designed by our team from the ground-up.
We design this hardware in-house to help you in maximising your learning, upskilling or research needs.

Popular Hardware

Popular hardware that is used in MakerMax learning programs.


Handy add-on products that are useful for your projects

Electric Vehicle Products Designed by experts led by an ex-Tesla Engineer.

These products are trusted by thousands of professionals and companies around the world to accelerate their understanding of the inner workings of Electric Vehicles.

Do I need a Cell / Battery Pack Analyser?

The MakerMax CCAX4 is perfect for companies wanting to bring high reliability and performance in their end products. It helps companies achieve this by building a ever increasing dataset of useful diagnostic information on their selected Lithium-ion cells, which is then used for predicting failures in the field. The cells can be put through various dive cycles and accelerated testing methodologies to gather useful performance and degradation data. The CCAX4 can also be tightly integrated into the existing systems of an organisation through its open source APIs and cloud integration features.

What is the MakerMax CCAX4?

The CCAX4 is a 4 channel cell analyser system from MakerMax. It is designed to be used by research, development, quality assurance, manufacturing and supply chain teams to deeply understand Lithium-ion cells that are going into their end products. The equipment helps in predicting battery failures, calculating cell performance various drive cycles and cell degradation based on various use cases. It has helped teams bring higher performing and safer electric vehicle products to the market.

What can the EV hardware boards be used for?

The educational EV hardware boards are designed to be focused in three unique areas – Battery Technology, Power Electronics and Motor Control. They allow you to perform experiments and learn hands-on. Most are designed to fit into the palm of your hand and and can be connected to your computer via the provided USB cable. You can then program either the STM32 development board, or the Arduino development board to control the functions of these boards. These boards are designed in the shield form factor to fit right into the STM32 Nucleo series of boards or the Arduino Uno boards. So, your chosen base development board along with the MakerMax Electric Vehicle Hardware boards are a perfect combination to test, learn, research various aspects of the Electric Vehicle powertrain, or even stationary storage, telecom, aerospace and consumer electronics applications.

Are there courses available to learn more on Electric Vehicles?

Absolutely! We have highly rated online courses on Electric Vehicles that include our EV hardware kits to maximise your learning. You can learn more about the courses here.

Two popular EV courses are the EV Powertrain Foundations course and the Battery and BMS Masterclass.

Our Story in Electric Vehicle Products

MakerMax specialises in the EV powertrain. We work with some of the top automobile and OEM companies to share our expertise and grow the ecosystem of EVs. With more than 3000 students and professionals worldwide who have experienced Makermax courses and products, we are a fast growing company. 

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