Power Electronics Masterclass:- Lab Kits and Exercises related questions

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Hello MakerMax Inc,

As the Power Electronics Q/A forum is not open, I am asking these questions here.

1) Just as in the EV Foundations and Battery Masterclass courses we were provided the option of choosing test kits or a project; will this Power Electronics course also include test kits which you will provide? 

2) Also if this course includes kits then when can they be shipped given the Coronavirus lockdowns in effect?

3) Can you please elaborate on what exactly the topic 'Designing Real Life Converters from scratch' will cover? Like for example, will it involve the use of Altium software or just normal topology descriptions?

4) There are some jobs available in the Power Electronics space but most of them require 3-10 years of experience and not for entry level or fresher students. I know this is not the part of course curriculum, but if possible will you prepare/suggest us of some questions asked to a Power Electronics engineer in Job Interviews.

Eagerly waiting for a reply.

Thanking you,
Aksshay Sharma




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Hello Aksshay,

Regarding the kits, The coronavirus situation is expected to disrupt shipping for a long time. So we will update you on this once we can get a better idea of the timeline.

3 - The course is going to be application and practical based so we will design converters from off the shelf components and also layout a PCB in one of the design examples, the software could be Altium or even EasyEDA since it is free. Most of the designs will be based on real-life applications, like making a converter for an EV subsystem or so. It would also involve the process of selecting parts for a converter.

4. - Yes, this can be done.