specializes in practical learning solutions for the Electric Vehicle powertrain. Each course is designed from ground up to give you a deep understanding of the fundamentals of EV design.


Amazing course!

I was looking for a lot of time for a course that can get me a swift entry into the embedded world. This is the one!

It is not for a total beginners, it require some knowledge of computer architecture and memory, and knowledge in programming. The instructor is very explanatory and thorough. I very much recommend this course if you looking to make your first steps of developing on microcontrollers.

Erez Fishhimer

This is the first course on STM32 Processors where I could understand the lecturer. But among all the proper English speaking lecturers, his presentation and speaking style was unique and very pleasing. I would like to see more real-world examples in this course. This could already pass as the best course available on STM32 in Udemy.

Ronnie Rahman
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