Indian EV mission – Many voices, Many directions

The EV mission is currently in a flux, caught between the politics, bureaucracy and the industry. On more than one occasion, the ministers have reportedly talking of withdrawing subsidy, citing 12% GST(against 28% of IC engine vehicles) as incentive enough for EV proliferation. The bureaucracy is in a tussle on who would be the guardian of the EV mission. The Industry obviously is trying best to protect its interest and many companies are pushing their own agenda of hybrids vs electric, lead vs lithium, pvt vs public usage of EVs. Some of the churning is essential and obvious however the worst sufferers seem to be the industry players who have already launched their vehicles based on the indication of the likely course of the EV mission in the form of FAME2.

As an example, if lead battery vehicles are suddenly removed from the subsidy, the electric two wheeler businesses will surely collapse as 97% of their bikes are on lead. Similarly if Hybrids make a re-entry, the E-Cars in all probability take a back seat as OEMs will rather focus on an easier route than trying to make and sell E Cars. Charging vs swapping is another hot debate for 2/3 wheelers and buses with each faction claiming its suitability to indian conditions.

Perhaps only FAME2 of the EV mission, expected in April will set to rest the doubts and the debates that are erupting into every discussion that take place so often.

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