Is there a real alternate to Lithium batteries for EVs in 5 to 7 years?

Amongst the efforts to find alternates like Sodium –Air batteries, Fuel cells are a promising alternate to the lithium batteries. However Hydrogen required for fuel cells poses a big channel on production, handling and storage. Hydrogen generation, compression, storage, dispensing, and service are all value-added components that should be identified when choosing the correct hydrogen solution. Hydrogen generation is the most difficlt and complex of all. Currently Hydrogen for vehicles is being delivered as liquid hydrogen, compressed hydrogen, and natural gas reforming.Some initial experiments of producing hydrogrn from methnol have met with good success. There is a psoobolity of commercialising this new method of producing hydrogen at the point of usage in 2 to 3 years time.

If it happens it may change the scene of finding alternate to lithium batteries for EVs and other applications. The metals and elements used in fuel cells have better availbility around the world. Commercially viable Fuel cells may further accelerate the phasing out the IC engines vehicles as the hours of recharging ime is replaced by the seconds to hydrogen filling time, amongst other advantages.

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