Why no one is talking of electric motorcycles in India?

Tork Motorcycles,  a startup showcased an electric motorcycle few years back but haven’t been able to commercialise.  Another startup Emflux India is showcasing a sports E-Motorcycle in Auto Expo, however an affordable E-Motorcycle is still some years away.

Electric Motorcycles need similar torque and speed as the petrol one to succeed in the market. At today’s prices of the Li batteries and electric motorcycle may cost 2.5 to 3 times of a petrol one primarily because of 3 kWhr or more of the battery size to give that power and range.  This is primarily because of the 8 kW or more motor power required to match the performance of say a 100cc petrol one.

Unless Li-batteries of high energy density become much cheaper an electric motorcycle would not be value for money for the customer.

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