Heard a lot about EVs, but not sure where to start?

Electric Vehicles are disrupting the automotive industry, so you've heard so much about them. You've read articles, books and maybe taken some courses, but don't feel like you have working knowledge of how to get started with an EV. In this course, we get you to a working knowledge of the components of an EV, to help you decide where to start and what part of an EV you'd like to focus on.

Get started with Battery Management System design

Battery management is at the core of an Electric Vehicle powertrain. You know the theory but are not able to put it into practice. Design a BMS for an 18650 cell and walk away with practical knowledge of BMS design.

Protect your product, customers and brand with the right cell choice

Sourcing the right cells for your product is essential to develop a safe product for your customers and protect your brand. The recent news about GM Bolt EV battery fires and recalls, Boeing Max 737 battery failures and Samsung Note 7 battery failures are just some examples of what to prevent, and it all starts with sourcing the right cells.

How to design battery packs that are safe and high performing

Going from cell level to a pack level comes with many challenges. You've picked the right cell for your product, but you need to now make it into a pack to fit your product's need. You'll learn the challenges and solutions to battery pack design in this course.

How to get your resume ready for the EV industry

You feel you have the skills to get a job in the EV industry, but you're tired of not receiving any responses from recruiters. We will teach you proven techniques on how to use LinkedIn, resume, cover letters and emails to get noticed.

Learn how to work with ARM and STM32 microcontrollers hands-on

ARM and STM32 are at the heart of many embedded products. Learn how to work with an STM32 microcontroller which is running on a ARM processor, to allow you to work on more complex projects like battery management systems, motor controllers, power electronic converters and more.

Arduino is a great start, but it's time to take the next step

You're feeling encouraged after completing projects using the Arduino microcontroller, but not sure where to go next to be able to work on more complex microcontroller projects. This course will get you to that next step by getting you introduced to ARM processors hosted on a Atmel microcontroller, one step up from the Arduino mircocontrollers.

Industry Leading Courses on Electric Vehicles designed by an ex-Tesla Engineer

These are some of the best Electric Vehicle Courses available in the industry today to up-skill yourself or your team. They have been designed over many years of consistent efforts by a dedicated team led by an ex-Tesla Engineer. They come with specially designed hardware kits that have shown to improve the hands-on understanding by at-least 10x.

How are these courses conducted?

These courses are run online through our learning portal. This means that you have access to them 24/7, whether you’re at home, at work, commuting, travelling – all you need is a mobile device, tablet or a computer.

How will I be able to gain hands-on experience through online courses?

MakerMax courses are unique – they come with specially designed hardware kits for you to be able to learn-by-doing. This has become the standard of education that the industry expects today – you need to be able to solve problems with prior experience and a quick learning ability. MakerMax Electric Vehicle courses offer that unique experience as they have been designed from ground-up by experienced professionals to teach usable skills relevant in the industry today.

I am new to online courses, how do they work?

Once you’ve completed your enrolment for the course through the sign-up page, you will be receiving an email with your login credentials. You can use these credentials to login to your course dashboard to access the course content. Our team will be reaching out to you for your shipping address for getting the course hardware kit delivered to you.

How much do the courses cost?

We offer various levels of hands-on training starting with 4 week foundation courses and the 6 month Masterclasses. The foundation courses start as low as $199 and the masterclasses start at $599. Depending on the project options chosen at checkout and the sales applicable at that time, the prices may vary.

We accept payments in multiple currencies including INR, CAD, USD, EUR and GBP. If your preferred currency is not on the list, reach out to our support team and we would be happy to help.

Will I be able to get a job in the EV industry after taking these courses?

These are some of the highest ranked courses in the Electric Vehicle industry worldwide. The focus of these courses is to impart hands-on learning and skill building. Once you’ve completed the lectures, quizzes, assignments and labs of these courses your application you will be feeling confident in the skills that you’ve acquired.

We encourage that your focus should be on building your skills and the right opportunities will come knocking on your door step. This is what has worked for thousands of our enrolees, who have given their full dedication to these courses to 10x their career.

Once you’ve completed the course requirements, our career team will help you with mock interview preps, resume editing and project portfolio creation. All these steps and the hands-on nature of our courses have shown to propel your understanding and thus your career in Electric Vehicles.

What is the difference between the courses that MakerMax offers vs others?

The team at MakerMax is dedicated to ensuring that you graduate from these courses with hands-on application based knowledge of the subject matter. This is why we have put many years into designing custom hardware kits from the ground-up to enhance your learning experience.

The support teams at MakerMax who will be by your side during courses are experienced industry professionals who have solved problems and shipped products with their own hands. They understand design problems, manufacturing issues, supply chain and QA issues in Electric Vehicles. Such mentorship is bound to help you succeed in your endeavours.

Can you tell me a little more about the hardware kits offered in these courses?

Sure! Our team has designed these kits from the ground-up to allow you to solve Electric Vehicle technical problems in the palm of your hand. This way, you can improve your skills by making mistakes, iterating and growing on your desktop, so that when you are dealing with high voltages in an actual Electric vehicle you know exactly what’s going on.

Experimenting, failing, iterating and growing is the only and best way to learn the technical concepts involved in Electric Vehicle design, manufacturing and quality assurance. Our kits are focused on Battery Technology, Power Conversion, Filtering and Motor Controls. They help you gain a hands-on understanding of these important concepts which is directly transferable to real life EVs.

These highly rated Electric Vehicle courses are designed to put you on a path to success!

Concise explanations and Intuitive teaching style.

Enrolees love the hands-on learning imparted through lectures, labs, assignments and hardware kits.

We receive hundreds of thank-you messages from professionals worldwide for whom these courses have been life changing.

We’ve helped professionals switch from the ICE industry to the EV industry with a focus on application based learning methodologies.

Students worldwide appreciate the high quality courses and hardware that we provide to them. Some say that they look forward to the new lectures every week!

We’ve helped entrepreneurs start new ventures in the EV space. They have a technical edge over their competitors with lessons learned from the EV industry experts.

After the course is complete, our career team helps students and professionals find the right opportunities in cutting edge areas of the EV industry. We help you do this through mock interviews, portfolio preparation and solving industry level technical problems.


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