CCA-X4 Cell Analyzer

The CCAX4-V2 is a cell analyzer from MakerMax that enables you to comprehensive analyze Lithium-ion as well as many other cell chemistries. With this unit you have the ability to select the right cell for your product, random sample test your supply chain or predict cell failures in the field. It is an essential product for OEMS, R&D labs, companies and universities who are into Electric Vehicle research, stationary power storage, solar, wind, aerospace, telecom and consumer electronics. This unit can also be used for the formation process of cells by cell manufacturers.

0 – 25A discharge per channel / 100A combined
0 – 7A of charging current per channel
– Step size 50mA or better
– Support for all cell chemistries from 0 – 5V
– Typical response time less than equal to 100ms
– High precision ADC with ~200uV resolution
– Supports cylindrical, pouch and prismatic cells
– User programmable CC – CV profiles
– Ability to load custom drive cycles
– Excel CSV import and export
– Configurable safety cut-off conditions
– Real time monitoring
– Active air cooling
– Cloud integration for remote monitoring

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Want to know everything about your batteries? From simple things like cell level efficiency to more complex one like the end of life behaviour and life cycle prediction. MakerMax brings you a compact yet precision Cell Analyzer that can dig deep into the cells and predict their behaviour under various simulated usage, and environmental conditions. The unique modular and flexible design of CCAX4 analyser allows you to simulate any drive cycle, charging variations, discharge patterns or abnormal usage to capture useful data streams on the device or the cloud. CCXA4 gives you a very precise ability to select the right batteries, pay the appropriate price and confidently decide warranties and give assurance of safety and quality.

CCXA4 is a very useful tool for cell manufacturers, battery pack makers, RnD labs and OEMs. The unit can be tuned to do some quick tests to inspect incoming supplies as well as run a full life cycle test spanning over many weeks. You can also create extensive historical data with CCXA4 to benchmark and compare any cell format, chemistry or configuration. CCXA4 can be quickly adapted to do extensive checks on the batteries used in stationary power storage, solar, wind, aerospace, telecom and consumer electronics or for the cell manufacturers.

Lithium-ion cell failures can cause devastating damage to a product and your brand and it is imperative that the cells that go into your end-user products are reliable safe and high performing. One of the unique feature of the unit is to predict the performance as well as premature cell failure. It can also detect unsafe cell conditions when operated under diverse conditions. A similar test on an end product would be extremely expensive and time consuming to run, but the CCAX4 enables this at a low cost as well an accelerated time cycle.

Some unique features of CCXA-4 are

  • Quick development and testing of cell algorithms.
  • Selection and qualification of cells for a robust supply chain.
  • Flexibility of using any cell type, cell chemistry and a wide range of cell
  • Repetitive or random shuffled testing over various drive cycles for cell
    performance and capacity metrics.
  • Production line testing for qualification of cells before they enter the end
  • Comparison with cell supplier data for validation and testing.
  • Building an in-house dataset of cell behavior under various conditions that
    can be used for predicting field failures.
  • Cloud connectivity for remote monitoring and survillience of the unit.
  • MAKERMAX CCXA4 comes laden with loads of features at a fraction of price of the
    imported units. For requesting a quotation, please click here.


This unit comes with multiple modes to allow you to automate the analysis process and to run accelerated time cycle tests.

It also allows offers a cloud connectivity platform for you to be able to monitor tests remotely

MAKERMAX CCXA4 comes laden with loads of features at a fraction of price of other units. For requesting a quotation, please click here.

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