Programming Experience for the MakerMax Battery Masterclass

The MakerMax Battery Masterclass is one of our best selling courses on Battery Technology. One of the common questions we hear from our students is if they have the necessary programming skill-set to complete this course.

Our courses are based on applied learning, which means that there will be a lab component in the course. This is where you can take the skills you’ve learned and apply them. We understand that not everyone will have access to the expensive equipment needed to gain this experience, which is why we have designed pocket sized hardware kits at affordable prices to allow you to experiment and learn at your own desk. These hardware kits are shipped to your door.

Working with embedded hardware boards like our ION board, SC4 board or DCDC board needs a basic understanding of C/C++ principles.

Here is a journey map to help you see where your skill set currently lies and how to prepare for working with our hardware kits.

1. To get started with C/C++ exercises, here is a link to some important concepts, exercises.

2. MakerMax Foundations of Embedded Systems

3. MakerMax Battery Masterclass

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