Why only the low speed E-Scooters are becoming popular in India

  • Low Speed two wheelers: Customers buying low speed Electric two wheelers (both with lead and Lithium batteries) are a happier lot as the initial price of these vehicles after subsidy become attractive (Rs.27000 to Rs.50000) and the running cost are also just 70 paise (incl battery replacement and charging cost) against Rs 1.30 /km of petrol scooters. The volume of such two wheelers is therefore steadily increasing and in the year 2017-18, it would be 50000 plus (against 5000 of high speed) and will surely cross 150000 next year. It is very crucial to keep supporting this segment with the subsidy till the volumes of the high speed become substantial because it is helping the conversion into EV mobility, creating an eco system of “make in India” components and also encouraging the employment opportunity in the manufacturing, sales and service network.

  • The greenhouse gases reduction as well as the savings in the crude oil per km of usage (for every Rs.1000 given as subsidy) are also amongst the highest across EV segments because of the best efficiency and lowest consumption of battery/km. (copy enclosed) Amongst all EV categories, the volumes in this segment can easily touch 2 million because of “value for money” offered by these two wheelers.

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